Employability Skills

Whether you are in work or looking for work, we can help.  

Our employability packages are designed to help you to become more aware of how you learn and how you can become more efficient and effective in work or when looking for work.   Our bespoke package can include: a screening assessment to identify indicators of learning difficulties/differences.  We can also carry out a full diagnostic assessment and produce a full diagnostic report which can recommend personal support, equipment, or software and includes recommendations that can be used for workplace adjustments.    Our support plan is then designed to help you develop employability or in-work skills  to improve your overall performance, confidence and increase your opportunities.

Package 1

Screening                                                           -  Free

Diagnostic Assessment & Report                       -  £300.00

Specialist Tuition (6 sessions)                             -  £180.00

Total Package Price                                             -  £480.00



Package 2

Screening                                                           -  Free

Diagnostic Assessment & Report                       -  £300.00

Specialist Tuition (10 sessions)                           -  £300.00

Total Package Price                                            -  £600.00



Package 3

Screening                                                           -  Free

Diagnostic Assessment & Report                       -  £300.00

Specialist Tuition (10 sessions)                           -  £300.00

Employability Skills (5 sessions)                        -  £150.00  

Total Package Price                                            -  £750.00


These packages are an indication of what we can offer.  Tailored programmes are developed depending on the needs of the individual.  

We also offer development courses covering - Assertiveness, Planning & Organisation skills, Confidence Building, Interviewing Skills & Techniques and more.

You can complete the Registration Form or contact us at at admin@inclusivespecialist.com for more information.