Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD's) Screening

Free Screening assessment service

If you think that you may have a learning difficulty, you can complete the screening form below.   

  • We will review your results and if there is an indication of a learning difficulty, we will recommend a course of action.

  • We offer this service free of charge.

Screening Form

Visual Stress Screening

Visual stress can be experienced by a range of people and difficulties can include:

  • Difficulty reading & writing, moving, jumping, appearing, disappearing text/print

  • Looking at a computer screen

  • Poor judgement of distances or heights, i.e. approaching stairs, escalators

  • Sensitivity to bright & fluorescent lights

 Visual stress symptoms can include:

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Sore Eyes

  • Fatigue



Diagnostic Assessment - SpLD

We are able to carry out full cognitive diagnostic assessments.  This can involve a detailed assessment examining cognitive processing, strengths, development areas, I.Q. score, language and reading abilities, spatial awareness, verbal reasoning etc.   

The assessment process can take approximately 3 hours and can be carried out at our office or at a location convenient for you.  

Report & Recommendations

A report is produced within 10 working days after the diagnostic assessment.  On request, we can provide a detailed feedback session to explain the contents of the report.   The report contains the outcome of the assessment, a diagnosis, reasonable adjustments, specialist software and strategies for personal development.   The report can be used in schools, colleges, universities, work or for personal information.

If you would like to book an appointment for a Screening or a full assessment then please link this link enquiry form.