Accessible Apps 

Working with technology can be empowering. There is a wide range of assistive Apps that are available at a low cost ready to download onto your personal device.  Click on the links or pictures to access more information about the product. You can also click here for more Accessible Applications.



Dictation software is a powerful voice recognition tool for those who prefer to speak rather than to write or type.

The information is immediately converted into text allowing you to compose emails, text messages, letters, reports, and other documents.


Useful Tool

Read & Write

Texthelp Read & Write is an award winning literacy software which reads on-screen text out loud to help with proof reading, spell checking and lots more.  This software is specifically designed to assist those who have a preferred auditory learning style and can be used in Schools, Colleges, University, Work and home.   



Inspiration Mind Mapping

Inspiration mind mapping software can be used as a visual note taking tool which can allow users to create, build and connect information.

Text and pictures can be added to aid memory and can organise information, brainstorm ideas, problem solve, help understand complex information and more.